All in one

Your favorite functions, services, and automation.

Feel right
at home

Use the same functions you love in Excel and Google Sheets, like SUM, IF, INDEX, MATCH.

Jazz up your

Add buttons and checkboxes to make your spreadsheet come to life.

integrations that
get the job done

Connect to your business tools and explore new services to find and enrich companies, people & places.

Each integration unlocks new custom formulas that you can use in any cell.

Our data explorer lets you find and use data from any integration in your spreadsheet.

Automate the
hell out of your

  • Type the REFRESH formula

  • Pick a cell or range to be automated

  • Decide how often it should run

Filling tables with
data works
like a breeze, too.

Just pick the fields you need from the data explorer and choose where the data should go. The rest is magic.

The power of APIs inside a cell

Use our functions GET, POST, and PUT to connect to any REST JSON API. Extend dashdash with your own back-office or a new SaaS tool.