dashdash for Marketing

Simplify your marketing suite. Track your website performance, manage your campaigns, and keep an eye on the competition. dashdash helps you build better marketing tools, all in a spreadsheet.

Let the spreadsheet do the work

Monitor the health of your marketing channels with timely alerts and insights on performance.

Integrates with your marketing stack


100% Spreadsheet

dashdash is a spreadsheet, so you can build your tools without having to learn anything new.


Turn any dashdash spreadsheet into a slick web app. Build custom dashboards and forms, ready to be shared with others.


Easily analyze the data in your spreadsheet with filters.


Use functions to run your workflows periodically and automate your tasks.

Interactive Elements

Make your spreadsheet interactive with buttons, checkboxes, and input fields.

Web Requests

Connect to any REST API with our HTTP formulas GET, PUT, and POST.

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