Track your PageSpeed with Google

Track your website performance.

Use the Google PageSpeed integration to run performance analysis on a website or web page by specifying the URL. It also provides suggestions on how that page may be improved.

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Learn the steps that make this template your app

Step 1

Connect the Google PageSpeed integration

Connect the Google PageSpeed integration from the Integrations menu on the left sidebar.

Step 2

Define the analysis criteria

Enter the website or web page URL to analyze. You can also specify the strategy or the version of the page by defining either “desktop”, which is the default, or “mobile”.

Step 3

Get the PageSpeed score

The Google PageSpeed function will return the PageSpeed score as well as a data object with a full analysis including loading experience, page stats, recommendations, and more.

Step 4

Analyze multiple pages

You can analyze multiple pages all at once by adding the URLs, and the desired strategies, if needed, and analyzing all the rows at once.


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