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Automate your lead generation

Automate your lead generation

Use the Crunchbase integration to get fully enriched lists of companies. Find and enrich their leadership teams, or get and enrich the LinkedIn profiles of any function/job title using Google. Export your new leads to your Pipedrive CRM.

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Learn the steps that make this template your app

Step 1

Connect the integrations

Connect the Crunchbase, Google Search - Top Sites, Hunter, ZeroBounce, and Pipedrive integration.

Step 2

Get your list of companies

The Crunchbase function will return a list of companies matching your search criteria, which you can then enrich with contact information, employee size, information about funding rounds, founders, investors, and more.

Step 3

Find and enrich the leadership team

If you've enriched a company with Crunchbase, you can insert data on their leadership team in a new tab. You'll get founder/C-level names, titles, social URLs, and more. Use Hunter to find their email addresses, validate them, and save them to your export view.

Step 4

Search for additional stakeholders

You can search for LinkedIn profiles of additional stakeholders at the company using Google, and enrich them with validated email addresses, too.

Step 5

Export new leads to your CRM

From the "Export contacts" view, automatically send your new prospects to Pipedrive, along with all the custom properties you've put together.


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