Create Google Analytics dashboards

Create your analytics dashboards now!

Use the Google Analytics integration to create custom dashboards of your website metrics.

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Learn the steps that make this template your app

Step 1

Connect the integration

Connect the Google Analytics integration.

Step 2

Get your website metrics!

Specify the Google Analytics view you want to track and whether you want the metrics of the website or a specific web page. The desired page, session, and custom analytics can be retrieved.

Step 3

Automate your metrics!

You can apply filters and segements to the results, track multiple web pages at a time, and automate the process of retrieving the metrics.

Step 4

Dive into the analytics!

You can take a deeper dive into the metrics by specifying dimensions or sorting parameters to break down the metrics across some common criteria, such as country or browser.

Step 5

Create your custom dashboard!

You can also create your own custom dashboards by specifying the metrics you want to retrieve.


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