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Use the Crunchbase integration to enrich your Mailchimp list with company data including their contact information, company size, funding rounds, founders, investors, and more.

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Are you looking to clean up your Mailchimp database and enrich your Mailchimp subscribers or contacts with quality data? This template allows you leverage Crunchbase Pro data to instantly enrich your Mailchimp CRM, allowing your team to spot opportunities with funding, investor, people, and company information all in one place.

How it works

  • Select your Mailchimp audience.
  • The Mailchimp function will retrieve the audience subscribers and list down their email addresses.
  • Enrich the Mailchimp subscribers with Crunchbase company data.
  • The data retrieved include location, contact information, employee size, information about funding rounds, founders, investors, and more.
  • You can enrich all retrieved contacts with company data at once.

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