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Use the Crunchbase integration to get fully enriched lists of companies by defining the employee size and industry, as well as the location and founding date, if needed.

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Building a list of targeted companies is not a simple task. You often need to either use expensive tools or buy B2B lead lists to get the necessary lists for your outbound campaigns. This template allows you to easily generate quality company lists based on your target criteria or target customers and then enrich it with data and people. That way, you can expedite the process of generating leads and focus on the important part which is converting them.

How it works

  • Define your search criteria, including the number of employees and industry, as well as the location, founding date, and total funding amount, if needed.
  • The Crunchbase function will return a list of companies matching the search criteria.
  • You can then enrich the retrieved companies with data like contact information, employee size, information about funding rounds, founders, investors, and more.

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