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Use the News API integration to find articles and mentions using one or more keywords, filtered by date, domains, and languages.

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Whether you want to track your brand's mentions in blog posts, look up articles around a specific topic or keyword, or monitor the stories a certain publication or website is publishing. This template is for you!

This template helps you search and retrieve worldwide news articles and blog posts from all over the web in real-time, all in a spreadsheet. It helps you answer questions like:

  • What top stories is TechCrunch running right now?
  • What new articles were published about the next iPhone today?
  • Has my company or product been mentioned or reviewed by any blogs recently?

How it works

  • Enter one or more keywords that you want to search for.
  • The News API function will retrieve a list of articles matching your search criteria.
  • You can filter the results by date, language, and domains.

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