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Looking for gyms near you?

Provide an address and get a list of gyms in a certain radius. Get their names, addresses, rating scores, number of user ratings, and find out if they're open now.

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Learn the steps that make this template your app

Step 1

Connect the Google Maps integration

Connect the Google Maps integration from the Integrations menu on the left sidebar.

Step 2

Enter an address and search radius

Provide an address—"1000 5th Ave, New York 10028" for example. Enter a search radius. The radius needs to be specified in meters.

Step 3

Define the place type you're looking for

Specify the place type, such as "gym", "restaurant", "art_gallery", or "pharmacy". You can also search for a very specific place by providing a search term.

Step 4

Ready? Execute your search!

Once you've set both type and area parameters, you're ready to go! Hit the "Search Places" button to execute the place search.

Step 5

Get a list of places

The Geocode function will turn your address into latitude and longitude coordinates, which will then be used as parameters in the Nearby Search function. This function finds places on Google Maps based on the type and address you have specified.


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