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Use the PredictLeads integration to get fully enriched lists of companies by defining the employee size and industry, as well as the location and founding date, if needed.

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Business connections enable you to calculate the network health of a company to build systems when new high value connections are made. Connections can be of many types; partner, vendor, investor, parent, and more.

This template allows you to retrieve a list of categorized business connections by company using the PredictLeads API. Business connections can be found via backlinks or logos on pages likes /our-customers, /case-studies, /portfolio, /clients, etc.

How it works

  • Enter the domain of the company you want to retrieve the connections for.
  • The PredictLeads API will retrieve and display the company connections.
  • The information retrieved includes the company name, domain, type, category, source category, source URL, and the first and last seen dates.

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