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Get career history by job title

Know more about your job candidates!

Retrieve the career and education history of your candidate using their job title and current employer to make more informed hiring decisions.

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Learn the steps that make this template your app

Step 1

Connect the integrations

Connect the Google Search - Top Sites and Pipl integrations.

Step 2

Get the candidate’s LinkedIn profile

Enter the candidate’s current job title or function and company name. Then, click the “Get LinkedIn” button. The LinkedIn function will retrieve their name, title, and LinkedIn profile URL.

Step 3

Get the candidate’s career history

Once you’ve selected the LinkedIn profile of the candidate you’re looking for, click the “Get Profile” button in D6. The CAREER_PROFILE_PIPL function in E2 will list down the candidate’s career history in the table below A8:E8. Note that you will be charged for each execution.

Step 4

Find out a lot more!

You can check out the {data} object in E2 for more information about the candidate including their education history, languages, addresses, as well as user IDs and links of their social media profiles. You can parse out any of these data points by clicking on it and pasting it into a new cell to customize your app based on need.

Step 5

One candidate at a time

Please note that every time you execute a new search, the previously retrieved data will be overwritten and lost. So make sure to copy and paste the data in a different view or app if you wish to keep it.


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