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Get contact info by social URL

Get a person’s full profile out of a URL!

Retrieve data about any person using their social link like LinkedIn or Twitter including their addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social profiles, career history and more.

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Learn the steps that make this template your app

Step 1

Connect the integration

Connect the Pipl integration.

Step 2

Define the contact’s profile

Enter the contact’s social profile URL like their LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter profile. Then, click on the “Get Profile” button, and the Pipl function will list down all the information available about them.

Step 3

All their data in once place

The information returned includes their name, gender, age, address, phone numbers, email addresses, social profile URLs, career and education history, languages, origin country, tags, user IDs, images, and associates if available.

Step 4

Retrieve their social link automatically

If you don’t have the candidate’s social URL or want to automate the process of retrieving it, you can check out our templates where you can get the URL by the candidate’s full name and company name, or by their job title and company name.

Step 5

Enrich multiple contacts at once

You can get the profiles of many contacts at once by adding their links to the table and hitting the "Get All Profiles" button.


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