Get directions with Google Maps

Get directions with Google Maps

Calculate directions between two different locations.

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Learn the steps that make this template your app

Step 1

Connect the Google Maps integration

Connect the Google Maps integration from the Integrations menu on the left sidebar.

Step 2

Define the search criteria

Define your search criteria, including the starting location and destination, as well as the mode of transportation, departure or arrival times, features to avoid, and waypoints if needed.

Step 3

Generate the directions!

Once you’ve defined your search query, hit the “Get Directions” button. The Google Maps function will retrieve an optimized path and generate the directions based on the defined parameters.

Step 4

Get more out of Google Maps

Make sure to check out the Google Maps video on our Youtube channel to learn more about the different Google Maps functions and some tips and tricks about how to make the most out of them!


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