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Track job changes with Slack alerts

Use the Track Job Changes integration to track your contacts and leads job changes with Slack alerts.

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Photography by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash


3-6% of your contacts change jobs every month. That opens up an opportunity for you to create new leads by following up with contacts that change jobs and get the most out of them.

Using this template, you can set up an automated tracker in minutes that tracks if any of your contacts or leads have changed their jobs. Then, send you a Slack alert, if any of them did, with their new updated information.

How it works

  • Enter the information of the contacts you want to track.
  • Specify your Slack username that will recieve the alerts.
  • Turn on the tracker.
  • The Track Job Changes function will check on a weekly basis if any of your contacts changed their jobs, and if so, send you a Slack alert with their new title and company name.

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