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Use the Hunter and Gauss integrations to find the email address of any professional based on their full name and company.

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You've successfully generated your prospects list and want to enrich your leads with email addresses? You can now find the proven or most probable email address of any person instantly! This templates uses the Hunter Email Finder API which uses the name of a person and the company name to retrieve the professional email of this person and the email addresse's confidence score. If the email address is displayed somewhere online, the sources are also returned.

How it works

  • Enter the company name of your prospect and their full name.
  • The Gauss function will retrieve the domain from the company name.
  • The Hunter function will find the email addresses based on the company domain and person's name.
  • You will also get the confidence or deliverability score that Hunter attributes to the email address.
  • You can also get email addresses in bulk. Simply add the company names as well as full names in their respective columns and retrieve the email addresses all at once.

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